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Listen to The Tangible River, Episode 2, from Riverfront Property!

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“Freely you have received; Freely give!”  (Matt 10:8)

I’ve wondered how, as an author, I might find financial livelihood from the things given me to write, and at the same time follow the Lord’s injunction to give freely….

My solution with Riverfront Property: Connecting at the River of Life, was to offer the book freely in audio, and charge for the paper and eBooks.

If I were to prophesy a river erupting from under the back door of your neighborhood beauty parlor,and then, divide into multiple rivers, what would you think? And if you should see it come to happen, with your own eyes, what would you do?

Five prophets tell of a dynamic river emerging from the city of Jerusalem!!!

Other prophets complement the theme!

I would be pleased and surprised to discover one Christian out of a hundred who is aware of this forth-coming phenomena, and has taken a few moments to ponder it. If I have my way, every believer in Christ will come to understand, and make preparations, for this River’s fresh genesis!

Have a listen, freely, to Episode 2, The Tangible River, and let me know what you think!

Overflow in abundant favor!

Steven C Johnson

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