A Miracle Story

A Miracle Story

Theresa book

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  1. I just read your whole story through and was thrilled at what the Lord had done!It shows me again that with God nothing is impossible! My sister whom I cared for for 7 years and with whom I did a Christian K-12 school with for 19 years and Bible and youth group ministries for an additional four just passed away from Parkinson’s in May of this year. However, I don’t consider it a defeat because for 15 year we stood on the Word of God and fought for her healing. About one weeks before she passed the Lord said to me: What if I heal her by taking her? My response was not very spiritual. But as the summer has progressed, I see more and more what gratitude I have for the years that I was able to spend with her and her courage to act upon the words that the Lord gave her. MY husband also passed about 14 years ago and again the Lord taught me the simple principle of gratitude. I read in your story how RMH gave your family simple joys – is that not what life is made up – simple joys – My one question -Theresa must be in her 30’s – how is she doing? Blessings

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