Steve and Pam

Steve and Pam have been yoked for 38 years! The fruit of their union includes a son and three daughters, plus some awesome mates. Grand-kids are also starting to show up!

Steve and Pam are glory seekers. They have powerfully experienced, “Tasted and seen, the Lord is good!” They pursue the fame, splendor and radiant beauty of their Sovereign!

Both came to Yeshua in in the days of the Jesus revolution. They are still revolutionaries believing that a nation can be born (again) in a day. Tribulations are part of the package but out of the labor pains comes a wonderful Baby, the Kingdom of God and the Bride manifest!

Steve and Pam are people who believe God for big things. One example of this is the resurrection from death of their daughter Theresa. You can read the whole book for free on this site!

For most of their marriage they have worn the title, “Pastors.” They are the real deal! They have served in Presbyterian, Baptist, Charismatic and Assembly fellowships – in Philadelphia, PA and Bend, Oregon, and Seattle, Ellensburg and Goldendale, Washington, and Abilene, TX.. Currently they abide in Arlington, TX.

Pam is a tenacious warrior full of love and fierce determination. Professionally she has been a nurse. For fun she is a midwife. She is a gardener, shepherdess and pioneer home maker. You could not find a better friend.

Steve has a lot of thoughts. He stutters them out. We’ll, Moses may have stuttered too. He is a teacher but his grasp of the universe is very finite. About all he knows is the glory of the Son of God. Steve loves the land of Israel. He has studied (and worshiped) there four times. Steve can’t not encourage people. But he does have some good points too.

They count themselves blessed to be in on the Great construction project, preparing a landing strip on our planet for the return of our Bridegroom!

Steve has has a seminar, and a book called “Riverfront Property: Connecting at the River of Life.” Note the information on this site.

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