Three Lost Things Recovered

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We moved from one house to another and in the process I lost my brand new, 25 foot, Stanley tape measure. The New House was a fixer-upper. I really needed that tape! I looked high and low to find it, praying all along, “Lord, help me find my tape measure!”

I worked with a flimsy 10 foot measure, and prayed.

After several weeks of looking and praying I dreamed I found the tape measure. I went to my office, and there, in the middle of the desk, it sat!



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When I was a junior in High School my parents bought me some wire rim prescription sunglasses. I used them about 25 years, and then lost them! I interrogated every family member. I looked every place, many times. You never know, the seventh time you look in the glove box, it might be there. I prayed many times over several weeks for their recovery.

One Sunday morning I was about to leave for church. I thought, “I’m going to jump into the car and drive straight into the rising sun without my glasses.”

I got down on my knees by my bed and prayed, again, “Lord, you know how I need those glasses. I’ve had them a long time. They’re valuable to me. They help me see. Please restore my glasses to me!”

I went out the car and opened the door. There on the seat were the sunglasses! I ran back into the house and asked my wife, “Pam, did you find my sunglasses?” She replied, “No, but last night I dreamed you found them.”


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I lost my wallet. Searching pockets in the closet, cleaning out the car, and even calling the business where I last remember having it brought no results. I canceled the cards, ordered a new driver’s license, and prayed often.

A couple weeks after the loss I was getting up from bed and sensed that something fell right beside my foot. I bent down and picked up my wallet!

In each story we are unaware of any human element in bringing back the lost item. I seriously believe the angels of God were at work! The three recovered items in my stories are parables.


The Lord would restore:

Our perspective, proportion and proper fit

Our capacity to see with clarity and comfort things too dazzling to take in

Our sense of identity, and privilege, and wealth in Christ.

“Ask and it will be given to you;

seek and you will find;

knock and the door will be opened to you.”  Matthew 7:7

Steven C Johnson

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