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Short-term power outages can be inconvenient, Long term outages deadly!


Our Mossyrock, WA Signal Group is sharing how we can be prepared for outages. Most of us can handle power outages for a few hours but how do we prepare for shut-downs for days, and Lord forbid, for weeks or longer? Our electrical grid is more fragile and vulnerable to failures than most realize. Outages can be caused by:

By weather – wind, snow, ice, and wildfires

By earthquakes

Solar flares

Brownouts where the system is overtaxed

By aged systems failing

By physical sabotage, terrorism, or war – including cyber-attacks and EMP’s (Electro-magnetic pulses)



The Black Sky Event documentary

Grid Down Power Up documentary

Items You Need Now Before it’s Too Late: How to Prepare for the Grip Collapse

Ways to Prepare for a Winter Power Outages




         What to do when the illumination go out?

This is usually the first thing we notice.

Flashlights (regular battery and rechargeable), lanterns, candles, solar yard lights


         How to cook and stay warm?

Warm clothing

Fire wood, gas fire places, propane, white gas or oil.

Heat a limited area and make sure of proper ventilation

A tent indoors many help you stay a little warmer without heat

Share your heated spaces with neighbors or ask neighbor if you can stay with them

Have fire-starters like lighters, matches, striking rods, and flints

Don’t let your pipes freeze

Have back-up stored water, and the ability to gather and purify


         If the toilet stops

If city water sewer systems are closed down use chamber pots and outhouses.  

Septic-based toilets can be flushed with buckets. Fill toilet tanks.


         When the refrigerator and freezer dosen’t work

Refrigerators keep food cold for about four hours. A full freezer  for about 48.

Avoid opening the doors. Eat the most perishable first.

Move away from needing refrigeration. Find other preservation methods

Generator backup a couple hours at a time with freezer compartment on coldest.

If you have a generator practice running it safely and have fuel to run it.


         When your phone and internet stop

Old style land line phone if phone lines are active

Satellite phone

Walkie talkies


Ham radio

Battery radio You may use a car radio.


         When the banks are closed and cash machines don’t work

Keep cash at home and items for barter


         When the grocery is closed

Fall back to your food stores


         When the gas stations can’t pump

Have stored gas

Car pool with neighbors

Have good shoes and boots and be use to walking

A good bike

A wagon to move things


          Other dominos may fall bringing cascading challenges!

Your place of employment


Police and fire services

Hospitals and pharmacies

Transportation systems

Delivery trucks and US mail

Oil refineries

Farmers’ irrigation water



A long-term grid-down situation could cause catastrophic social consequences. In a long-term situation refugees will be looking for water, food and heat. This is a good reason for being a praying Christian, to be prepared, and ready to help others. Remember God loves to display His miraculous, saving grace and will to use you as His grace instrument!


Steven C Johnson

Landing Strip Enterprises


PS If you haven’t yet seen “The Famine of 2022 – 2023” go Here!



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