About Landing Strip

About Landing Strip

March 1944, Navy Seabees repairing bombed strip in Solomon islands

Landing strips are obviously places to take off from and Land on. They don’t appear by magic but take hard work. They are created with purpose.

I was fascinated years ago when my Uncle Bud told me stories of the Navy Sea Bees that were dropped on South Pacific islands to prepare landing strips, stepping stones, to prosecute the war. Heroic stories!

There are heroes today building landing strips. We suspect you are among them. Perhaps an inspiring thought or deed you share will send someone soaring to new heights. Perhaps a comforting truth will help them settle down in a peaceful place.

We hope that you will find in Landing Strip the inspiration to take off and go places and the secure place where you can land and make connections.


  1. Are you functioning as Missionary pilots?

    Walt Rice

    • Hi Walt!

      Perhaps spiritually 🙂
      Jesus was a “landing strip” for the Holy Spirit at His baptism. I encourage others to be landing strips for the Holy Spirit today. On a larger scale, the whole world will be a landing strip for our Lord at the second coming. I encourage people to make preparations for that great day by making their neighborhoods and nations ready for that great “landing.”

      My blogs and books are meant to build up the saints, and by doing so, I am building the landing strip.

      Hope you are doing well. I smile to think of you. Does the men’s Bible Study still go on I Sevierville?


      PS. Walt, have a listen to my book, “Riverfront Property: Connecting at the River of Life” athttps://landingstripenterprises.com/new-book-riverfront-property/

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