Riverfront Seminars

Riverfront Seminars

Splash in the River of Life!  Host an intensive educational, experiential, interactive time of sharing with others and soak in the reality of The Holy Spirit!



The Tangible Coming River that will spring up from Jerusalem

The Dynamic Inner River that Christ wills to flow through you

 How to Draw and Pour forth the Holy Spirit’s reality as you minister to others

Watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8LVWQvbSL0


CONVENER: Steven Johnson is a graduate of George Fox University and Palmer Theological Seminary. His years by “The Water” bring a very personal aspect to the workshop. Steve loves to encourage others in their gifts and callings.


Contact Steven C. Johnson to  Host Riverfront Property Seminars!

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  1. Hi Steve
    This is LynnePrevette saying hello.
    While I wasn’t able to read your entire book, Theresa’s story is amazing. I’m so glad you got your beautiful daughter back.

    Also noticed you went to George Fox University. For many years I attended a Quaker church in the north end of Seattle.
    Our spiritual journeys are so interesting.

    And now we’re at Seattle Revival Center.

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