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Like you, we are glory seekers. We have wonderfully, “Tasted and seen, the Lord is good!” The greatest prize is in the pursuit of the fame, splendor and radiant beauty of our Sovereign! We came to Yeshua in the days of the Jesus... Read More...

Riverfront Property in Audio

I am so grateful and pleased to share freely the whole audio book of Riverfront Property: Connecting At The River Of Life! I’m confident you will receive a delicious drink! As you find your thirst quenched please recall those you know who would also love a drink, and pass the cup! Read More...

A Miracle Story

Thursday July 30, 1987, started out as just another hot summer day in Ellensburg, Washington, a town of about fifteen thousand souls in a picturesque valley a hundred miles east of Seattle... Read More...



I am often more moved by “The Making of the Movie” than by the movie itself. I find an ache and longing, sometimes with tears when I see a collective effort bring forth excellence, in creativity, for a greater impact.

After watching clips from Saving Private Ryan I began viewing the making of this film which won five Academy Awards.


WW II soldiers who were interviewed for the production.

Interviews were also done with actors, script writers, costuming, props, sound, lighting, and camera people.

Irish soldiers composed the film’s troops.

Old landing craft were found and refurbished for the movie.

A town was built, then carefully blown up to create staging.

It was fascinating to hear Spielberg’s production genius.

And I absolutely love the music by John Williams!


I am compelled by creativity, excellence, and collaboration for a greater cause.

I am moved when I discover the intense teamwork which brings forth a great production.

Amazing things can be achieved when people bring their gifts, passions and pull together!

How I long for the Church of Jesus Christ to be known for creative excellence and collaborative “productions”  which will gain the gaze of the world!

For this I pray!

Steven C Johnson



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