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Like you, we are glory seekers. We have wonderfully, “Tasted and seen, the Lord is good!” The greatest prize is in the pursuit of the fame, splendor and radiant beauty of our Sovereign! We came to Yeshua in the days of the Jesus... Read More...

Riverfront Property in Audio

I am so grateful and pleased to share freely the whole audio book of Riverfront Property: Connecting At The River Of Life! I’m confident you will receive a delicious drink! As you find your thirst quenched please recall those you know who would also love a drink, and pass the cup! Read More...

A Miracle Story

Thursday July 30, 1987, started out as just another hot summer day in Ellensburg, Washington, a town of about fifteen thousand souls in a picturesque valley a hundred miles east of Seattle... Read More...


HI, Friend!

I’ve decided to offer you free access to my book, COMPOUNDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT.

Some are listeners and others are readers. Choose your preference.

Be encouraged and pass it on!



READ HERE  Compounds of Encouragement PDF

For your encouragement and the Glory of God!

Steven C Johnson

Landing Strip Enterprises


I highly recommend this book, especially for men who want to up their game as encouragers. The articles are brief, upbeat, tender, and tough. During the past two years, almost weekly, I’ve been in prayer rooms and men’s meetings with Steve Johnson—I’ve never encountered a person anointed as much as he is with the gift of encouragement (Romans 12:8). And with his comprehensive writing, Steve continually captures his reader’s attention with vivid, creative lines. Read this book, one chapter at a time; and if you can, find a way to meet this man!  Geoff Pope


I found your book to be very encouraging. It calls us to a higher ground. I heard God speaking through the words he gave you to write. I appreciated having his Word to read throughout the book. I especially enjoyed the lessons on wonder, amazement and creativity. I wrote down a quote to pray for friends and family: “May our friends and family who are distant from Yeshua be hit hard by his overflowing kindness, bringing them to true repentance.”

Also, having a background working with special needs children, I was touched by the pool story about Cain. I had many foster children on my case load as a speech language pathologist. Their stories broke my heart and helped lead us to adopt. Thank you for giving me the privilege of reading your book!!” Liela  Cuglivan


One of the names of God in the Greek language of the New Testament Scriptures is “parakleet.” It is often translated “encourager.” It is in the very nature of the Creator of the universe to encourage. Always has been. Steve Johnson has tapped into that part of who God is and has learned well how to live that out in real life. Steve excels in being an encourager. And now, he has given us a tool in his book, Compounds of Encouragement, that enables us to become more like our Father in heaven and learn how to encourage others. Easy to read, and once we begin to live out this message, our lives will never be the same. And people around us will be encouraged. This could start a revolution! A revolution of encouragement! Read this book, apply its message, and become a “parakleet” yourself. An encourager like God Himself.        Greg Wylie 

I have been listening to your new book, compounds of encouragement, for the last hour during my devotion this morning. For me, this demonstrates the very best of Steve Johnson… your amazing capacity to paint truth-telling stories in vivid hues that are eye/heart catching, especially when you read from your own heart. Thank you.
Dr. Harvey R. Brown, Jr., President

In “Wonderment: The Launchpad for Worship” you wrote:”The Scriptures speak of “signs, wonders and miracles.” “Wonder” is always sandwiched between God’s signposts and unique works. I am convinced that as we restore wonder, we will have a vast increase in signs and miracles.” 
It would be a wonderful devotional and source for Bible study or series of teachings. It is very rich. Each section stands strong just in what it says, they are each nuggets we can meditate on and pray into.  Mark Mcconkey


Father has made available to you, Steve, Insightful encouragements and areas that expands into the joy of encouragement to enlarge, enlighten & energize all of us. Thank you Father! Let the Kingdom of Heaven treasures pour upon all. Abundantly!!!!  Daniel Odom


PS  If you’d be so kind, I’d love to get your review of Compounds!  Steve



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