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American socialism is going down smoothly. Have you felt the barb yet? Americans are swallowing the bate of socialism, but unaware of the hook. We won’t feel the hook in our mouth. It will catch in the throat.

The Scripture says, “The serpent was the most subtle of all the beasts…” His delicate craft is practiced by his disciples today. Some of the most artful are socialists.

What thinkest thou of this scenario?

A huge factory with thousands of workers has an explosion. Dozens are killed and hundreds are injured. Rather than focusing help for the bereaved and injured the management decides to mail a box of Band-Aids to all 2,400 employees.

The covid phenomena, and the wrong-headed responses of leaders in government, has been a debacle.

Let’s say 50 million people are negatively impacted financially by covid, exacerbated by the wrong-headed restrictions on our freedoms. If the government is to add additional meddling, purportedly to help, what should be done?

They use the subtle brilliance of the above factory management. Rather than find out specifically who has suffered financially, our “public servants” decide not to look at real needs but to scatter checks upon American adults. Nine percent, or so, of the relief package, is scattered like rain upon injured and healthy alike. The rest goes to pork. Most American adults had little to no income loss from the misfortune, and farce. Some people got raises. Others prospered in business. Some government workers got raises.

Government leaders acted irresponsibly at best. Many “leaders” played the socialist strategy to dominate America. So brilliantly diabolical. But do you see how the hook was bated and is about to be set? There was a deliberate capitalization on our gullibility. The wakeful are seeing the seduction. The careless are enjoying the worm before the barb sets.

Few Americans are protesting the government “relief” checks. Many see the checks as “fun money.” I see it as “funny” money. The “gift” from the IRS is no gift at all. We are “given a gift,” but we are expected to pay for it. Not only must I, my children and grandchildren pay back the face value of the check, but we must pay for the pork programs which dwarf the check.

The checks not only have strings, they have barbs. This money does not enrich us. It puts us all into debtors’ prison! How cleaver of the socialists in government to give everyone a “gift.” This is seduction at it’s diabolical best. This enticement is far beyond the meager attempts of credit card companies inviting us to be happy through indentured servitude.  Unlike the credit card companies, government leaders can authorize the red-eyed national budget to send out checks.

Pam and I are among the protestors. No, we won’t break car windows or set buildings ablaze, but we are protesting this puncturing of holes in our national boat. We are not sure what to do with the “free” money. We are thinking of employing it to bring down corrupt and seditious totalitarian wannabes.

What project can we invest in to bring down the corrupt communists in our government and bring them to justice for the damages to our nation? If our “leaders” are destroying us innocently or intentionally the results are the same.

The Scripture says, “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears hers down with her own hands.”  Prov 14:1

Here is the dubious “wisdom” which is destroying America’s ship; “Water is leaking in the boat so we must drill more holes to let the water out.” And how is that working?  

In terms of leading people to a crash-and-burn socialism it is very effective. But there is a limit to the enticements the seditious can pump into our economy. At some point the economy will be flooded to sinking. But, that’s the goal. Our boat is floundering. The current path is sure to sink us, bringing loss of life.

There is a raft of ism’s working to undermine our culture. Socialism is only one.

We are angry about getting a check, and the other pork programs, when real needs are not met. We are also angry that government “solutions” have led us to precipitous Inflation, and our demise. Printing funny money is like shooting holes through the bottom of the ship. First there was government over-reaction. Then they took it as an opportunity to entice our population into socialism’s solutions. Worship in America seems to be shifting deities, from God to the nanny state.

What commentary will our grandchildren have for this generation? Will they thank us?



It is interesting how some read the economy. In the last 70 days, so it is said, commodities have gone up radically.

The price of steel is up 145%

The price of lumber is up 126%

Food is up 25%

Cotton 35%

Silver 38%

Copper 50%

Oil 80%

It’s curious that people say commodities have gone up rather than, our dollar is become worth-less. I am surprise when people say the value of their home has gone up by X%. Why don’t they say the value of the dollar has declined by Y%?

Printing more funny money floods the economy making money worth-less. I’m wondering if. and how, to get out of the dollar.

The economy crashing is not just a tragedy, it is a game plan to create dependence on government. Our taxes have been paying for fat politicians, who under the “inspiration” of Satan’s slippery subtlety have found an effective plan: Seduce people with government perks, drain the economy until it collapses, and build a brave new totalitarian world out of the anarchy.  

I had a dream where a warlock was in a circle of people and boasting how Satan was destroying America. In the dream I rebuked him and said, “There can be a preservation, a prolonging of America if she is prayed for.”

The people there applauded my statement. It made me think this question. “If America is destroyed will God take credit for it, or will Satan?” The answer is, Satan. God will not delight if America is destroyed for He loves us. But Satan will boast that it was his great scheming accomplishment which brought America to ashes. We must not let Satan have this boast. Rather, we must agree with God’s desire to save and bless nations which turn to Him.

With the tough news about socialism’s stealthy inroads I will not be discouraged. America will be saved! It will require laying our lives down for Jesus and our neighbors, but our nation, and other nations can be saved. God loves our nation, and the nations, and will show us the way!

“Ask of me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance.” Ps 2:8

What part do you play, my Friend?


Steven C Johnson



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