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You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.  Ps 45:7

There is a place for both love and anger. Angry people may have nothing they love, but people with loves by nature and necessity have anger.

A good parent jealously guards their beloved children. They will act in anger toward those who would harm them. We discover how much the mother bear loves her cubs by trying to harm them. We discover how much a patriot loves their nation when their country is attacked.

If you want Anointed Joy get an upgrade in your love for righteousness and hatred for wickedness.

Many counsel, Christians should not be angry about the “results” of the election or of the new policies of those now in the Whitehouse. “We should live in peace and go on.” I thoroughly, adamantly disagree! We must be more loving, angrier, and more active than ever! We must add fuel to the bonfire of zeal!


The quality of our anger:

Anger birth out of God’s throbbing heart of love and compassion

Anger God-breathed and hopeful

Anger jealous for justice, safety, security and the welfare of loved ones

Anger visionary and constructive, aiming for a better future

Anger boundaried by integrity and the rule of law

Anger devoid of fear, desperation, rashness, bitterness, resentment, and vindictiveness.


Scripture says “Be angry but sin not.” We remember, “The wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” Only a just, heaven-born anger, bathed in oceans of compassionate love for friends and enemies can be effective in our fight. We must have more refined anger, not for fuming but for profitable action!



Let’s say a thief comes to your home and steals your appliances, your clothes and food. You witness the theft. The thief later returns to you and says, “Now that I have half of your belongings, let’s say we live in peace.” How would you answer him when you know his goal is to steal everything you have, your identity, your life and the lives of your family? 

American Revolutionary War history reveals the great indignation the colonies had over abuses they patiently endured. You read a hint of them in the Declaration of Independence. Their patience was laudable! They endured and petitioned repeatedly till they could be patient no more.

It would be appalling to stop being angry at abuse, corruption and injustice, as those dark powers slice through American blood vessels!

When Mr. Obama became President Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Mr. Obama would fail. On one occasion he said, “So I shamelessly say, no, I want him to fail, if his agenda is a far-left collectivism, some people say socialism, as a conservative heartfelt, deeply, why would I want socialism to succeed?”

Certainly, the socialist forces in America, if honest, would say out loud that they wish our American free enterprise system and its freedoms would fail. How can there be union with Free Enterprise and Communism? This di-vision cannot be reconciled.



Mr. Joe Biden is sitting in the White House. How am I praying for Mr. Biden?

You may have a vague memory of this, but 2000 people signed affidavits testifying of voting irregularities. Computer forensic experts and statistical analysts demonstrated measurable manipulations in the election. The courts declined  to accept cases, let alone hear the evidence.

Our weak apologetic “conservatives” were accused of worshiping President Trump. Many cowed, saying “Not only do we not worship Donald Trump, we will act like he never existed. We will forget him to prove to you we don’t worship him.” Our sorry, short-term American memory has been picked clean by the birds of the air.



Here’s how I am praying for Mr. Joe Biden.

Absalom by plotting and coup usurped David’s throne.  2 Sam 15

Athaliah by treachery and murder usurped the throne.  2 Kings 11

I will pray for Mr. Biden as I would pray for interlopers like Absalom and Athaliah. I pray he and his collaborators will quickly be exposed, removed from office and come to justice.

I pray that President Trump may be empowered miraculously with Heaven’s virtues to fulfill his anointed mission to make America Great Again. That America may surpass any greatness she has formerly had, and do so with the heart and hand of Christ Jesus the King over all earthly kings!



I will implore our Heavenly Father for His adjudications. I will pray that the swamp will be dredged and come to judgment in government, media, business and education!

I will foil diabolical political powers from achieving their goal of destroying the constitution. I will work to demolishing the edicts, executive orders and legislations of corruption.

I will pray for, and see, the greatest wash of the Spirit of Jesus to inundate our country with staggering holy Spirit conviction, the fear of the Lord, and knowledge of Christ’s mercies. The United States will be a lighthouse nation filled with liberty under just laws, and our government will be penetrated by Heaven’s high Kingdom government working itself into human hearts.

My prayers will be guided by seeing the invisible wonders of my Christ! My attitude in prayer will be mixed with laughter, hope and the anticipation of God’s kingdom penetration and manifestation!

My prayers don’t stop with earthly crowns, prime ministers and presidents. I’m part of something transcendently, cosmically huge. I will use the adage, “Pray big or go home,” believing “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”



“Zeal for Thy house shall consume me.”

I am not under circumstances but a creator of circumstances. I am an Ambassador, a change agent of heaven.

I will do more than wait for the next elections. America can be dismantled and demolished irreparably in that time. I am acting now.

I will labor with others to see justice and correction in the electoral process.

I will refresh American minds of the history of our foundations.

I will vigorously exercise my constitutional freedoms. I will defy those who try to steal them.

I will take part in mass grass-roots protests and political movements against unrighteous laws and decrees. I will use every legal means to frustrate totalitarian edicts.  

I will support those in government working to preserve our constitution.

I will be an actor locally and nationally.


The day after Mr. Biden stole office I wrote the Whitehouse in response to backward and destructive executive orders. I will do more writing to people in authority this year.

I am starting to get to know the leaders of my own city and county to see what kind of influence I can bring. Here are places you can go to get out of the armchair.

Look up your local City and Counsel contacts. Our local city council is meeting now by zoom.

“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” Rev 11:15


Steven C Johnson




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