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A Miracle Story

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Russia’s President Putin was in Netanya. There was a dedication here of a memorial to the Russian Army which lost nine million during WWII. 750,000 Russian Jews live in Israel. We had planned on going to the beach but the roads were closed. We took the opportunity to diligently pray for the meeting. The people of Israel are not sure about this dictator as Russia has helped arm the 300 million Muslims that circle little Israel, particularly Syria and Iran.

Politic is an interesting art and dissimulation is common. Some positive things came from the meeting, apparently. Putin reminded President Perez that Russia had voted for the UN resolution for Israel to become a nation in 1948 and said that Israel’s security was in the interests of Russia. Putin also said nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iran was a threat not just to Israel but to the world.

One of the consequences of Putin’s visit was that the Bellas met Slavic, a young traveler from the Ukraine, who was stranded on foot as the roads were closed. They picked him up and brought him to our apartment for lunch. We had a delightful visit and were able to share a bit about Yeshua and were able to bless him in prayer.

We also had an opportunity to visit with Una’s Dad and Mom. The subject turned to Yeshua as they mentioned the River of Life and I was able to talk to them about the book I am working on, Riverfront Property. We shared about the inner river that Yeshua promised for those who trust Him. A warm-hearted door is open again to share the Gospel!

Daniel and Kendal Levi are visiting with us for a week or so. They are a beautiful young couple from Knoxville. He is an architect and she is an interior designer. They are considering moving to Israel. He is doing some work for a ministry in Haifa that is expanding. She is expecting her first child. Looking at them makes me think of Pam and I and our early days. Sweet.

We had S and M, friends from Una’s past for dinner. Daniel was able to share his testimony of a big life transformation as he tuned to Yeshua. It was a cordial meeting and the doors remain open for more!


Pictures of Parasailers in Netanya and Putin and Netanyahu


There is too much to tell. We have had a most exceptional week and one experience has folded in on another until our thoughts are jumbled and full to overflowing. From a magnificent day in the old city touring ‘new’ tunnels and seeing extremely old stones with history all over them to meeting ‘new’ friends in Yeshua and observing again and again how G-d puts together people for His purpose. After meeting a Christian archeologist it looks like we will be spending a day digging at an archeological dig. Steve is pumped and the kids will have a blast!

Finally we have returned to Netanya. Aaaah, sweet Netanya, much fewer people and we will have our first quiet Shabbat.( Last week we fed and feasted in Yeshua’s love with 20 others) How I soak in the nearly constant ocean breeze and the hot sunshine. Our devotions take on new depth as we sit on the deck and rest in Gods wonderful provision for us.

We arrived late and were ready to sleep deeply only to find the refrigerator had stopped working and all our ‘planned’ meals were now garbage! It felt so icky and hard! We have had other appliances fail here and to call the owner each time has its own burdens attached. But Steve and Liam came to the rescue and had it soon running again. So after a quick cleaning and filling of garbage bags we were back in business and off to needed sleep.

Having nearly a week here this time seems to have given us time and focus to dig deeper into school and prayer. As each new friend,or part of the 100 comes into view again we redouble our prayers, asking Holy Spirit to do what He so aptly does.

We have received scathing rebuke and warm embrace, one never knows how our sharing of Life will be received by these sabra (cactus) people. Listening to Papa and going only to those He directs us to is a lesson in grace and obedience. So many clammer at us, but fewer are being called by Yeshua. We pray for all and expect a crescendo of Life as the numbers increase. The music of heaven is constantly in our hearts and we laugh and share throughout the day together.

Thank you Papa for this blessed relief where we stretch out the intensity of Jerusalem and your work in your beloved people.

Looking forward to greater strength, refined hearing and more God appointments!

For more about the Israel prayer mission please see our blog at:

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45 X12 X 15′ stone in Western Wall





Pam’s story – “Una and I slipped away and walked to an Arts and Crafts store. Ooh what fun! We now have a nice assortment of crafts to interest each child!

While in the store the proprietor was first cold and unhelpful, but as we continued to ask questions she became quite charming. She asked Una if we were sisters. When Una indicated we were friends she commented it was a very special friendship and Una had gotten the best part as, “That one has a heart of gold.” When Una told me, I cried! These people are so interesting. At first glance I was sure she would not help us at all and then she observed the specialness of our relationship! I am floored!

God you are teaching me so much about these native born “Sabra” (cactus) people! I love them more and more!”

Steve’s stuff  – On the way from Jerusalem to Netanya Una called a friend who was visiting from the States in Abu Ghosh. She asked if she could stop in and give Tina a hug. At the very same moment Tina had been praying, “Lord I would love to have Una come here and give me a hug!” We had a beautiful time visiting with Tina’s mother and daughter and Chaim and Ruti Singerman who run the Jerusalem Hills Inn.

The Bellas also met Nichol who with her husband owns TV stations in England and America. They hit it off and the Bellas were invited to come and do an interview!

It is too bad there are not more super expletives to describe the eerie, goose bump amazement you have when you suddenly realize you are standing on ground your biblical heroes once called home.

Joshua 9 tells the story of how four Gibeonite cities there put on a ruse to make a treaty with Israel in order to save their lives. “Curiously,” the Arabs who live there today love Israel and are hated by other Arabs for doing so. When Jerusalem was under siege in the war of independence in 1948 these Arabs actually helped save the new Jewish nation from annihilation by smuggling food to the besieged city where adults were being rationed a couple pieces of bread a day. Even today the people who live in the cities of the Gibeonites volunteer and serve faithfully in the Israel Defense Force. One wonders how spiritual moments keep reverberating through the centuries!

It is thrillingly remarkable that about one hundred meters up the hill from the Singerman’s home the Ark of the Covenant was set on the hill top. When David began to bring the Ark to Jerusalem there was an “accident” described in 2 Samuel 6:1-11 and the Ark “parked” at the home of Obed-Edom for three months. A large flat stone has been discovered at the Jerusalem Hills Inn that may have been the threshing floor of Nacon. The Singerman’s home may be located at the home site of Obed-Edom! God is so amazing I might believe the Singerman’s are his relatives.

Hezekiah’s Tunnel                                                               Sabra Cactus



Shabbat in Jerusalem….the families walk quietly, slowly to their place of worship. Our group 14 or so walked to a Reformed Jewish Congregation. They had already begun and the singing was wafting out over the air as we entered. They sat in a large circle, 5 or more chairs deep. Perhaps 120 people. The musicians were exceptional. Harpist, cello, 3 guitars, drummer and several vocialists. They sat in the smallest circle in the middle of the room. The harmonies and melodies, singing in Hebrew, were stunning. The songs sung between the leaders reading and dialoguing of thoughts regarding the scriptures. At times they clapped and danced vigorously. Women twirling with arms raised high.

They sang and danced blessing a woman who was soon to be married. Many women came up and danced with her. Then a baby dedication was sung and again a mother, perhaps the oldest woman in the congregation placed her hands on the parents shoulders. Our friend Michael was invited to lead the singing as the song of blessing he composed is used for all their baby dedication. It was riveting! So beautiful, so lovely, so filled with worship for Yahwah! We just entered in.

As we began to leave we immediately began talking to several people. One from South Africa and other making Alyh from Dallas Texas. They were invited back to the apartment for Shabbat meal. The small tables were moved about to allow as many to set as possible. The roasts ( 4 small) and vegetables were cooked to perfection. The chicken soup was offered in two varieties. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Shabbat begins with blessings, both spoken and prayed, Two candles lit and prayer blessings, then the blessing of the wife and the blessing of the husband. Tender and lovely!

The meal begins with a blessing of the wine! Some serve non-alcoholic (for the children always) Shabbat wine is mildly alcoholic. everyone gets a small amount and the blessing begins in Hebrew followed by song, then the bread is blessed: Hallah bread is always braided and sweet, (some like it with cinnamon & raisins or nuts). Again the prayer and a song. To show bread comes from heaven, and not man, pieces of Hallah bread are torn off and tossed around the room to each person. Its great fun for the kids and one gets to see how good a catch one is or not!

The meal is served in courses, soup and salad, then the heavier roast with potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, garlic are served followed with dessert, either a cake or cookies or ice cream and ends with fresh fruit. Oophta When we sat at table the number of people had grown to 20 adults and children, what fun as the conversations rose and crescendoed over the amazing chicken soup Mic’hel, our host, had worked on for several hours! Then people began to get to know their elbow neighbors. The noise, the laughter, the joy, the tears as Holy Spirit ministered to us all. We tottered off to bed around midnight but others stayed later. God’s plan for pausing and rest are a national joy! Life in all of Israel stops! What a concept! And as I pointed out, you need Saturday off to recover from Friday night partying! Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat (Hebrew: שַׁבָּת‎, Ashkenazi pronunciation: Shabbos, Yiddish: שאבּעס, in English: the Sabbath, “rest” or “cessation”) is the seventh day of the Jewish week and the Jewish day of rest. On Shabbat, Jews recall the Biblical Creation account in Genesis in which God creates the Heavens and the Earth in six days and rests on the seventh.

Shabbat is a festive day when Jews are freed from the regular labors of everyday life. It offers an opportunity to contemplate the spiritual aspects of life and spend time with family. Shabbat observance entails refraining from a range of activities prohibited on Shabbat, such as lighting a fire and cooking.

Shabbat is observed from a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night.[1] Shabbat is ushered in by lighting candles and reciting a blessing. Traditionally, three festive mealsare eaten: on Friday night, Saturday morning, and late Saturday afternoon. Friday night dinner begins with kiddush and a blessing recited over two loaves of challah.


Shabbot Dinner at Micha’el’s home


Elishai and Liam learning to paddle

Gabby and Angelo &  the elementary back stroke


Before returning to Israel I had three dreams in which I had been in the country for a time and I had not yet gotten to the old city of Jerusalem. It is so curious to me because that is the way it has happened. My previous three times here were centered around Jerusalem, archaeology, study and worship. This time our focus has been support of the Bellas, home school and travel in the broader nation visiting believers and unbelievers.

Curious also is my attitude. I would love to spend more time as a pilgrim appreciating the history of the land but the Lord has us appreciating the people in the present, bringing the light of Yeshua into people’s homes and inviting them into our apartments. We are typically in the newer Jerusalem the Sabbath evening and returning to Netanya Tuesday nights.

We have been able to spend an afternoon in the old city where I showed the family the tomb of David, the home of the upper room/Pentecost, the Cardo – main street, Hezekiah’s Broad Wall, and The Burnt House – the home of a priestly family destroyed when 1.1 Million were killed in the city as the Roman’s decimated it in 70 AD. The stones and old pottery tell powerful stories.

The quarters in Jerusalem have been cramped but a change is coming. Starting tomorrow when we are in Jerusalem we will stay with a single woman who is renting us a room. She is an opera singer and although she is not a believer she enjoys friendships with many believers. We have attended one of her concerts. Would you pray that a River would flow into this woman’s sixth story apartment?

After interacting with many people during the week, which can be very emotionally draining, we all love to return to the beautiful apartment in Netanya with the lovely ocean breeze and a sense of peace and rest that can’t be found in Jerusalem, yet.

Pam and I work hard as support crew. One of my delightful tasks is teaching the kids to swim. The kids are having a blast and I love being back in the water and getting some sun.






On the spiritual front, the battle over Jews is intense. We are having dreams of the day before: as in seeing the plans of the enemy and praying them down. Watching as God turns the tide in a conversation and people go from being a closed book to a open flower telling Una and Leonardo ‘everything’ in their hopeless lives.(ie. godless)

People here for the most part see G-d as very distant if they acknowledge Him at all. THey do not see Him as loving or caring for them personally, have rejected G-d as a guide and live wholly for themselves. Jerusalem too is seen as the long ago past and more religious than is good for the country, nationals openly mock its place in Israel. They are all very opinionated!!

Leonardo and Una have followed Gods lead so specifically and now have 1100 committed prayer partners, each with at least one 3×5 card with specific, loving, info. about each person or family they are praying for. If you would like to get to know the Bellas better and join in prayer for precious Israelis go to their web site at

When I saw first hand a very intelligent and professional family just simply go from frowning and closed to laughing and faces aglow as they looked at the pictures I was filled with awe at Gods simple plan. Much to pray about and seek Him as we travel from Jerusalem ( in land) to Netanya ( on the med. coast).

We have many late nights and the kids don’t give much on sleeping in, so we nap and keep going! The late nights are visits from Jewish friends and fmaily. SO many questions, such intensity for souls. Its like labor every day. I am often speechless as I try to pray, just lifting up names to Abba and watching as Una translates and listens to Yeshua and shares His wonderful love for them!

We really appreciate all your prayers. As I indicated previously I will not share names here. But look at the Bella website for updates and news. We all work hard to get out weekly updates. Its a full life with five kids and they are as sweet as can be. Requires much flexibility on all parts, the kids are the best (we lag behind a bit more ;~).

Ana graciously says I just hold them all together, I think its the other way around. Anyway I love hugging them and holding them up in prayer. Steve is Mr. patient teacher, in the pool ( they absolutely require it every morning) and Leonardo passes out fathers love each evening before bed. We all help with cooking and there are just happiness and emotional space to live by! God is so good in this boot camp for Israel! (I’m sure we too will grow and learn much as well)

You are so appreciated and loved each day as we meet in devotions!

How do you say thanks, Toda,

Pam for Steve and Israel Prayer Mission

Pam [email protected]


We want to give you an opportunity to be financial partners in our Ministry.

Pam and I serve “out of pocket” as Tennessee Volunteers for the privilege of holding up our lamps. We cover our own expenses. We live a modest lifestyle so we can expend ourselves for others.

Food and lodging in Israel is half to twice again as expensive in Israel. Pam and I contribute $600 per month as our fraction for the nine seat rental car we use. By the way, the rental car is hugely discounted because of special favor the Bellas have. Gas is $8/gallon.

Over the years we have practiced generous and extravagant giving. We have freely expended ourselves for the privilege of service. We know that some of you would like to help us cover our expenses. Gifts are not tax deductible

You may simply write checks to:

Steve or Pam Johnson

2154 Little Valley Rd

Sevierville, TN 37862

Pray more than give!

We have had very uncomfortable and heart tearing moments. One of Una’s old friends got seriously snarly and angry as she recounted what Yeshua had done for her. The tension was incredible but as we prayed his fierceness turned. His attitude converted and he actually became very open to hearing more. The night ended gloriously!

Today Una was in tears because family members that she had hoped to visit told her that they have nothing in common with her. “You are of a different faith.”

You know that we are not pushy people although we unashamedly will lay on the table who we are as believers and the reasons we love Yeshua. We keep our hearts warm toward others.

Thanks, dear Friends, for your financial support and earnest believing prayers!

Steve and Pam

Toughing it in Israel

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THought I’d give you a couple of pics to drool at. THis is all arranged by the Great Maker of Plans no man could have accomplished. we walk to the beach daily and all around to parks, both soccer and fun parks. The REST is substantial and well as the season of running. I can almost hear the sound of horses as we pack to move to our part-time apartment in Jerusaelm. We are currently three days in Netayna and four in Jeruslaem. Meeting with folks none stop. Nightly meetings and ministry ops are just a call away on any day. In between we take the kids to the Old city for archeological history lessons or make artistic designs from strange seed pods from plants found in Israel. Ok we have math and reading too. Can’t imagine being more stimulated! We return to The House of Paint (a school for troubled teens) Wow are these kids hurting, really angry and messed up. We transplant plant starts for them to resale and love on the manager & kids. Already we hear, “You guys are so different, you work hard, smile all the time, why would you do this for us?” Keep the prayers coming; planting, watering we really pray for the sprouting to begin! Many are so close! Love and blessing, Pam and Steve —

Pam [email protected]


Friday June 8th Labels on baking items: Bright White Wheat Flour, White Sugar, Soda Bicarbonate, Picture of Brownies…All directions in Hebrew! Chocolate Chips. This I can relate to!

Can’t wait for the brownies and chocolate chip cookies for dessert tonight. I Love that every Friday night we have a party!!! Celebrating our God and the family He has made us!! Shabbot is here again!

Missing my kids and my farm sooo much today. Tears over everything.

The Bella children are precious and lovely and just plain kids. They are soft, loving and competitive. They all have an opinion and no individual can do anything without three or four others giving their 2 cents! We are learning each other’s life language. Their family habits and routines are foreign to me…literally!

This is harder and easier than I ever thought. Listening to the Holy Spirit. Rest when He says rest and run when He says run!

The first few days were just jet lag, and resting and getting up to the time zone we are in!

Then dreams of having no job (big issue for me) figuring out we will not have a job till we hear from God. This is His time and we must be doing/being as He directs!

Ok? Ok! Move and float with Him. Floating on the waves of the Mediterranean, floating in the pool. Floating thru the constant movement and noise of family life!

Started a schedule of sorts! Steve is using the private pool to teach the Bellas to swim. They hit the floor each am sliding into their suits and head to the pool! They love it and Steve is a patient and competent teacher!

Devotions and down to the lessons before Shabbat preperation!

Wow, that was a fast week!

Pam [email protected]

Pam and Steve at the Netanya coast


Pam and Liam in the Kitchen


Hi Dear Friends!

Life has been so full! We have not been able to correspond as we have been on the road and when we got back our internet service was down! Here’s a condensed catsup

6/2/2012 On the drive to Jerusalem you can see the wreckage of vehicles that were ambushed by Arab forces in the early days of the nation. Those were hard days as the people of Jerusalem were cut off and without supply. Rations were dangerously low and a heroic effort was made to quietly cut a road in the wilderness to bring relief to the people under siege in Jerusalem.

We had lunch with Shabbi, a crotchety but generous man who provided us abundantly at his hillside farm about twenty minutes from Jerusalem. Everyone has a story. Shabbi is on the edge of discovering the relief from shame and grief that Yeshua can bring.

We crowded into our Jerusalem camp site, the two bedroom apartment of Micha’el, a lively, enthusiastic Messianic Jew who has a powerful ministry in music and has been a witness in the Orthodox community.

6/3/2012 We went to “The House of Painter”, an agency where Una’s brother Doron works. It is a school for troubled youth. Some live in residence halls and some live with their families. Pam and I teamed up with Una and the kids to transplant hundreds of starts of tomatoes, cactus and peppers. The kids worked well as a team and consensus was it was a fun experience. The students sell the plants for fund raising and to learn responsibility. Doron was overjoyed with our work and wants us back. From hesitation to total openness!

We worshiped at The King of Kings Congregation. Both Pam and I did some nodding as we had worked hard earlier and were still working through jet lag. Afterwards we shared dinner out with Pastor Wayne and Anne Hilsten and their friend Brian from Nashville. Wayne is willing to do an interview with me for my book, Riverfront Property!

6/4/2012 We met Hadas an opera singer who lives near Micha’el. She is willing to rent a room to Pam and I. She is not a believer but enjoys friends that are. She is happy to have us come and we pray her heart will be open.

We have been helping the kids with home schooling – Bible memory, math, writing, etc. Steve is giving swim lessons. They are all very bright. We need to get a regular routine going and we adults will be talking tonight about schedules that bring predictability as well as flexibility.

Shared a delightful dinner with Yoel and Laura in their beautiful apartment. He is a tour guide. They shared their faith in Yeshua, their love story of meeting and marrying in their forties. We are all part of an amazing love story!

6/5/2012 Steve went to a Business workshop at The King of Kings Congregation in Jerusalem called, Preparing for business and retailing challenges in the 21st century. It was a wonderful relationally centered approach for working with clients and work staff. After the workshop he had the opportunity to meet with Pastor Wayne and a few of his leaders in their prayer tower which has a wonderful vantage of the city. Steve was grateful for the favor he felt as he prayed and shared with them. An exciting vision is being realized for them as the congregation and other believing business people are buying up shops in the Klal mall in down town Jerusalem. They have bought out two brothels and replaced them with Christian businesses. Ps 50:2, “From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth. “

We journeyed to Ashkelon to meet Una’s parents. Both Pam and I felt tender hearted toward them. They force feed us with food on the hour. The most beautiful part came when Una’s mom asked when Steve started to read the Bible. It gave an open door for sharing Yeshua. We recounted our experience with Him and our confidence in Him with humility and gentleness. They listened! They have come a long way as a few years ago they were unwilling to have a Christian in their home. Pray for Yeshua’s beautiful Spirit to convince them of His goodness!

6/6/2012 Steve had a swim in the morning while Pam rested. She is recovering from sinus congestion. After home schooling we splashed in the Mediterranean and threw a Frisbee and kicked a soccer ball on the beach, a good day of rest. The Bella’s friend Jamie is visiting. She is a professional basketball player and gave lessons this afternoon to Lou.. All the kids are beginning soccer next door on the beautiful astro-turf field.

We are getting cultural lessons about acceptable ways to share Yeshua. These lonely Jewish folks are still reeling from WWII and the haolacost. They wear the pain of a ‘God’ abandoned people or so many think. They are hardened to words like ‘Christ, church, Jesus. But are drawn to love, compassion, true joy and words about Yeshua, Congregation, and a hope in a loving God! We as gentiles have so much to learn, we must not make fun or mock only love and let Holy Spirit lead!

Yeshua is the reality. Everything else is shadow. Keep us in your prayers!

Steve and Pam Johnson