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Like you, we are glory seekers. We have wonderfully, “Tasted and seen, the Lord is good!” The greatest prize is in the pursuit of the fame, splendor and radiant beauty of our Sovereign! We came to Yeshua in the days of the Jesus... Read More...

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I am so grateful and pleased to share freely the whole audio book of Riverfront Property: Connecting At The River Of Life! I’m confident you will receive a delicious drink! As you find your thirst quenched please recall those you know who would also love a drink, and pass the cup! Read More...

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Thursday July 30, 1987, started out as just another hot summer day in Ellensburg, Washington, a town of about fifteen thousand souls in a picturesque valley a hundred miles east of Seattle... Read More...






Hadas rents us a room in Jerusalem. We have become good friends and been able to share our love for Yeshua with her on several occasions. She listens and shares with great interest! She hosted a dinner for eight people that was full of animated banter as well as serious discussion.

Since Hadas sings in choir and loves music by Bach and Handel and has sung Classical Christian music she has befriended a number of believers. She also knows many people. One of her daughters says, “Jerusalem is the center of the world and my mother is the center of Jerusalem.”

We had a lovely spread of food for dinner but the people were most interesting and the discussion was more than salt and peppered with the goodness of Yeshua.

Hadas’ friend Lilly was there from Germany and two of her young German friends, Daniela (who just received Yeshua two days before at the Wailing wall) and Lona (originally from Vietnam and also a believer).

Uri a student at Cambridge who is studying Jewish/Christian relationships was there. He has a degree in Jewish folklore and a certificate in drama therapy. He seems to be just in the door with Yeshua.

Gideon who has a PhD in economics was also with us. He is a very intelligent man. He spent 20 years in NY and a founder of the Time Bank in Israel. While in the States he had some good encounters with believers.

I wish you could have been in on the open and energetic conversation! Great food plus eye to eye communications with sincere warmth and interest. We Talked about our backgrounds, families and experiences. We talked about things we are proud of in our nations and things we felt ashamed of. We talked about the Jewish Psyche and what makes the Jewish people so unique. Both Hadas and Gideon lost grandparents in the Holocaust. Do you think that effects a race of people? Only the grace of God can help people through that! All the conversation was substantial.

We were able to talk about our experiences with the Lord and how unique He is. We talked about how the Gentile believers drifted from their Jewish roots and how the Jews became suspicious of Jesus because of the persecutions conducted by many who called themselves Christians.

The conversations were constantly friendly, genuine and thoughtful. Pam and I were learners and well as witnesses. Lilly joined also in testimony as well as our two-day-old sister, Daniela. It reminded me of a dream I had before of grapes, some of which were ripe and others were ripening. We are seeing the harvest!

Everyone left satisfied with food but wanting more sharing and interaction!

Gideon and Hadas

Lona and Daniela



Us guys

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