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He seemed to have a snarl. He did not look friendly, but rather intimidating.

I could have avoided him. Instead I decided to buck up my courage,

let my guard down, and talk with him.

As I approached, I coached myself; “This could be your new best friend.”

Then I gave a cheerful, “Hello!”


It might have worked otherwise, but the man was approachable.

In fact, our chatting ended with the beginnings of friendship.

“Great to meet you!” “Likewise!”


When I am about to meet someone for the first time

I endeavor to activate important realities in my consciousness.


O, my Dear God, this is a creature made in your very image!

What a unique and precious work!

Help me to value this person as You do!


This person is certainly my superior in many ways.

I’m confident I will learn much from them!


All people are fascinating.

What makes this person amazing?


This person could become my new best friend!


There are many titles of distinction but one of the grandest is “Friend.” 

It’s sweet to me when I hear Jesus address a person as,“ Friend.”

Jesus prized people dearly. He was awake to their worth!


What was Jesus was thinking about, and anticipating, as He began a conversation?


Take up your courage, take a risk, and discover the marvel of your new best friend!


Steve C Johnson

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