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Good Day, Friends!

We were out for a walk and time of communion with our Lord this AM. The sunrise and shadows make a lovely mix on the white stone city. Lots of little parks among apartments to walk through.

We stopped in at a 24/7 house of prayer nearby. A handful of saints were worshipping. Very sweet! We met Benjamin, a man from Peru who has lived here for fifteen years – A deep and sincere lover of Yeshua.

We also re-met Lisa, a neighbor who has a powerful ministry to those traumatized in Israel by the loss of loved ones or personal injury due to things like bus bombings, war losses or rocket attacks. What do you suppose Americans would do if fifty missiles came in one week from Canada into the US? It is almost “normal” life in Israel. When a home is built in Israel it is common to have a safe room/bomb shelter as part of the house. The patience of Israel is enormous!

We have been staying at Caleb house on the Southwest side of the Old City. Some of you may recognize Don Finto the founder of the ministry – bless them! We have a beautiful view of the SW corner of the Old City. Wish we had a panoramic camera! We have had some powerful and sweet interactions with people here.

Jamie, a vibrant believer from the States who has been coaching basketball teams here for several weeks was sharing her testimony with Aviva. An intercessor friend, Elaine was also with us. We all shared bits of our testimony and sweet tears went around, especially as we prayed for Aviva to discover the goodness of Yeshua personally and receive answers for family concerns. The River was flowing!

For fun and spiritual nourishment we are reading The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. The kids’ friend, Asaf (Aviva’s son) is intrigued with Aslan. It may be part of his “Entry.” Nogah, the Kid’s cousin, is also getting a earful of Narnia.

Working on letters, numbers and early American history in school. Looks like beginning embroidery and lessons on magnets are coming up. We may even have an opportunity to be part of an archaeological dig! How’s that for a home school experience?

The more we know the Bellas the more we love them! There are a few moments when we have our challenges but we don’t know people who have a brighter light for Yeshua. Their kids are precious and delightful and love each other deeply. Leonardo and Una are authentic, open and loving at a magnitude that would make a few stars in heaven feel humble. They are pushing the envelope when it comes to hearing God’s voice and loving people into the Kingdom. So many wonderful testimonies! They would rock you! Check out their site at and then sign up to be part!

There is plenty of Thyme in Jerusalem, the eternal city!

Steve and Pam

PS Thanks for those praying for my writing project, Riverfront Property!


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